Can I Purchase Florida Health Insurance Now?

Did you know that it is the current law today to have Florida health insurance coverage? Not being covered by health insurance exposes you to many risks. You can face fines for not being covered along with many other risk factors.

When Can I Purchase FL Health Insurance?

There are certain periods during the year which you can successfully purchase a policy. If you do not purchase a policy within this open enrollment period, you will not be able to purchase a policy until open enrollment next year. However, there are special circumstances in which you can purchase a policy. For example, these situations will qualify you to grab a policy during a special enrollment period.

  • Marriage
  • A new baby
  • New job
  • You have reached the age of 26 and are not eligible to be on a guardians plan


Do I have to purchase health insurance in FL?

The answer is simply yes. You do need to purchase Florida health insurance from someone like this. Be aware that you can most of the time receive the coverage you need through your employer. However, if that’s not enough or the coverage isn’t that great you can branch out on your own.

Coverage is very easy to obtain. You would be crazy not to shop around on the web to see all the great offers out there. Did you also know that around 85% of shoppers shop online for coverage? Amazing! Not only does only shopping provide better deals but it is also easier and can be done anytime you want. Easily shop for health policies from the comfort of your favorite recliner!


What if I go without health insurance?

Not purchasing coverage is so risky! Are you aware of the many different risks that you are exposed to when not covered? Let’s discuss the risks of not purchasing coverage. Here are the risks of not having any health insurance:

  • No coverage means sky-high medical bills! – That’s right if you were to have an emergency and needed to be rushed to the hospital, then expect crippling medical bills that could potentially drain your hard earned savings. Each year thousands of Americans go into debt due to their piling medical bills.
  • Be fined every year – If you do not have health coverage for the entire year, expect to be fined at tax time as well. These fines can be $600-$1000 per person.
  •  No regular checkups mean underlying health issues – An annual check-up helps to get a grasp of any health issues that are creeping up. May it be cancer, diabetes, or even heart disease. If aren’t covered, you more than likely aren’t going to checkups due to money issues. By letting this go, your condition could get worse and worse which in the end will result in even higher medical costs.

It is recommended that you start shopping now for affordable Florida health insurance here. All it takes is a few simple quotes and you will be well on your way to gaining excellent coverage!