Welcome to SoCalRailFan.com!

This website and forum were a dream, because with all the great forums and websites I visited, there wasn’t any solely dedicated to Southern California. When I first started railfanning I struggled to find the info I needed to get me going. I had to beg people for help. A hobby should not be that difficult to obtain good info. So I wanted one site for a given area.

The website and forum is dedicated to the railfan of Southern California. We have topographic maps, aerial photos, yard maps, timetables, access points, frequencies, photo hotspot Google maps and lots of misc info for each main subdivision. Posting of photos is highly encouraged as are trip reports. In the forum you can see the main sections already listed, organized by subdivision. There’s even a section if you plan on going railfanning for the day and don’t mind others showing up you can post that info too.

We have many sections to interest railfans of all type. These sections will be SoCal influenced and dedicated, but obviously leaving out other great RR links would be crazy. Now we have branched out a bit to cover the Southwest.

One of our recent additions is the Google interactive maps. You as a railfan can add railfanning hotspots to this map. See the SCRF Forum News & Feedback Forum for details.

Anyone that wishes to be involved in this project is more than welcome and encouraged. I want this to be a great resource for the railfans of SoCal. I am always open to suggestions and input!

Thanks for visiting and spread the word, and after two years being up and running the website is stronger than ever!

Dave Toussaint 1/09